Jahanara is a symbol of inspiration. She is nothing less than a fantasy, bringing colour and joy to the dull white world around her with every step. She represents desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. We invite you to wrap yourselves in a plethora of colour and splendor. With fresh summery hues of aqua blues and turmeric yellow in store for you, let Jahanara bring colour to your life!

Jahanara is the brain child of a group of individuals who set forth to extract the essence of all the finer things in life and present it in the form of a luxurious garb fit for royalty. Jahanara means “queen of the universe”. A force to be reckoned with, she was a Mughal princess of great stature embodying a quiet power like her ancestors.

She was famous for her beauty and elegance. She lived with style; a poster child for the rich and opulent heritage of the Mughal dynasty. With this name and philosophy in mind, we are catering to all the connoisseurs of taste with a penchant for sophistication and grace. We believe our customer deserves the best of everything and we have strived to bring together the finest techniques from design to fabric so that you feel wrapped in grandeur. If you look good you feel good and that’s what Jahanara is all about. A modern day princess who doesn’t settle for second bests.